Minority Culture

in Bo’ao

Located near Bo’ao is the Miao ethnic village Jianao. The village preserves and showcases the culture of one of Hainan’s early inhabitants the Miao people.

Obviously, the people of the village do not live in quite the same way as they did in centuries gone by. The village has been beautifully restored and the villagers’ houses as well as the cosy hostel there are equipped with all mod-cons. Despite this the locals are careful to protect and preserve their ancient culture.


No festival would be complete without Miao folklore (traditional songs, dances and games).

The Jianao residents are extremely hospitable and treat guests to colourful local foods, offer them home-brewed rice wine made from special hill rice and present them with superb examples of local handicrafts and wares.

The optimum time for a visit to Jianao would be during the festival known as San Yue San which is celebrated on the third day of the third month of the lunar calendar but which falls on different days in March or April according to the Western calendar.

Attending a wedding or a family celebration in the village at any time of the year will be an enjoyable and memorable occasion for any visitor.

Tips for readers:
  • Pay a visit to Jianao during the San Yue San festival.
  • Sample local dishes and rice wine.
  • НTry your hand at some local dances. Don’t worry - you will be taught the steps!
  • Cross the Lovers’ Bridge with your partner. It is said to strengthen the bonds of love.
  • Haggle for some locally produced handicrafts. They will brighten up your interior décor, your warderobe and your day.
  • Please keep an eye on the vents’ Calendar on our website for future notifications on the most interesting upcoming events in Hainan’s minority cultures.