The South China Sea is home to extremely rich fishing grounds.

A small bridge separates Bo’ao from the largest fishing port on the island of Hainan – the village of Tangmen. Hundreds of fishing boats set off from here every day in search of a catch.

The fishermen from Tanmen bring in whole boatloads of shrimp, crab, squid, octopus, shellfish and, of course, all kinds of tropical fish.

While Tanmen is well known throughout China, it is only in Bo’ao where you can enjoy the full complement of live seafood. Thanks to the freshness of the seafood in Bo’ao the chefs at the hotels, restaurants and bars there are able to dazzle their customers with superb menus.

Naturally, all good gourmets would like to taste the marine delights straight from the fishing boat. And for them there is a multitude of small restaurants of varying prices all along the Tanmen seafront.


Some establishments parade various signs at their doors claiming that they are ‘recommended by China Central Television’ and the like. These are by no means an exaggeration, though. Media reports on the local cuisine and on subjects connected to ‘culinary tourism’ in Tanmen are often featured on Chinese television.

And it is not just the pleasant aftertaste that will remind you of your visit to this village port. Tanmen’s streets are overflowing with artistic boutiques and stalls selling tasteful souvenirs and lovely tropical shells.

Tips for our readers:
  • Check with the reception staff at your hotel what seafood options are available at your local restaurants. You can be confident that seafood dishes will be made from only the freshest Tanmen catch.
  • Go for a saunter along the bar street on the seafront. Much of the seafood available on the menus of these bars is comparable to those served at luxury hotels.
  • Pay a visit to Tanmen when the day’s catch has just been brought in. Most restaurants do not mind guests’ bringing their own wine, but you could also try the local beer or spirit.
  • Feel free to ask the prices of items in the shops. Don’t forget that you are expected to haggle for purchases.