Marine Sports

in Bo’ao

Bo’ao is regarded as a Mecca for surfers and kite-surfers not only in China but internationally.

To give some validity to this phrase we contacted a real professional – Russian Kirill Litvinov who is credited with opening up Bo’ao for Russian-speaking watersport lovers. He is also a true Bo’ao enthusiast.

Kirill, how did you first hear about Bo’ao?
I first came to Hainan island long ago in 2006. Between 2007 and 2009 I was a member of a cycling club called ‘Merida’. By cycling around the highways and by-ways of Hainan I soon got to know a lot of smaller, then out-of-the-way places. In 2007 I took up surfing and then kite-surfing. At that time there were only three people on the whole island who surfed: one Chinese chap called Dahai, William from Hong Kong and, as Russian representative, yours-truly! It used to be impossible to access the beaches there and so we were confined to areas in Sanya designated for skimboarding. At the end of 2008, I decided to explore the Hainan coast in more detail and it was then that I first came across Bo’ao. In those days it was not the modern holiday resort that it is today but just a hamlet. In fact, there was even hardly anywhere to stay the night! But the conditions in Bo’ao for kite surfing were just perfect. Over the following few years I enjoyed kite surfing here myself and in 2010 I set up a kite surfing camp.
What do participants of your kite surfing camp think of Bo’ao?
Hainan is a fast developing tourist destination and the tourism industry in Bo’ao has grown incredibly quickly over the last few years. My friends, athletes and my students all like Bo’ao which makes me and the locals happy, and we have a great time eating and making merry in the restaurants, cafes and hotels. I know a lot of people who have bought property in Bo’ao and many more who plan to do the same. To think that just a short time ago it was only my two Chinese friends and I surfing in Bo’ao, but nowadays in the high season you can see more than 150 kitesurfers along the coast.
When is the high season for kiting?
The windy season in Bo’ao lasts from April to June and again between October and December. Bo’ao’s beaches are an ideal place both for beginners as well as professionals. My school trains up more than one hundred new sportsmen a year. If there is no wind, we offer surfing lessons from October to March. But if there are no waves then we practise paddle boarding or stand-up paddling or surfing on artifical waves. A lot of the hotels here have hot springs or water parks, too.
Do you have any advice for first-time visitors to Bo’ao?
For those who have never been here before I recommend that they plan a trip here as soon as possible. In terms of advice, I would welcome guests to contact us: our experienced staff can introduce you to the local culture and make your stay an unforgettable one.
Tips for our readers:
  • If you are a professional or would really like to learn surfing and/or kite-surfing please contact Kirill Litvinov at the контактам on our website.
  • If you are a water-sports or beach-sports enthusiast, in particular a fan of beach football, please contact us. We are planning a series of sporting competitions. The Bo’ao government is exploring the possibility of setting up a beach football school, so professionals of this discipline may have the chance to come to Bo’ao not only to play beach football all year round but also to train students.
  • If sport is not your thing, then you can get your fix by rafting down the Wanquan River, jumping into waterfalls, climbing Baishiling Ridge or even at the water park located at the Asia Bay hotel.