Restaurants in Bo’ao

The food and beverage business in Bo’ao is booming with new restaurants and cafes opening almost on a daily basis. As you will find in China, food produced in establishments that do not often look especially presentable turns out to be delicious. And there are many restaurants in Bo’ao that offer above all good food and a convivial atmosphere.

ВFirst worth a mention is the beachside restaurant Sea Story (Chinese: 海的故事). The interior and furniture are all made from old parts of real boats washed up by the sea over the years.

The staff’s uniforms and matching accessories are all in the style of a well-to-do fishing family. On the menu are Hainan dishes as well as South-east Asian fare. Sea Story is well known far beyond Bo’ao and many others try to imitate its unique style. Sea Story marks the beginning of the bar street which stretches out along the coast and whose many bars are really worth your patronage.


Another place with a high concentration of eateries is the shopping complex Bo’ao Asian Mix (Chinese: 博鳌亚洲风情广场). You can find food outlets offering cuisine from a range of countries including Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Turkish, Japanese and Russian.


The restaurants in the fishing village Tanmen are worth a special mention. Tanmen is separated from Bo’ao proper just by a short bridge.

Tanmen is the largest fishing port in Hainan and has quite literally countless seafood restaurants. The finest seafood from the South China Sea comes from Tanmen, but only here can you taste the seafood fresh straight off the fishing boat.


The best hotels operate their own restaurants and offer high-quality cuisine. To learn more about reastaurants in Bo’ao please visit the section Map.".