Medical Tourism

in Bo'ao

The Chinese government has a grand plan to transform the island of Hainan into China's healthcare capital as well as a popular international tourist destination. And Hainan is perfectly positioned for this.

The unique combination of a maritime tropical climate, clean air and warm seas, which are incidentally not only considered the finest quality in China, but among the best in the world, not to mention the healthy island diet, all account for Hainan's being known as the home of China's centenarians.


Hainan's traditional Chinese medicine clinics are well-known both in China and overseas. But even other areas of Hainan cannot boast what Bo'ao does. And that is a groundbreaking medical scheme known as the Hainan Bo'ao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone. China's central government has explicitly granted preferential policies to Lecheng many of which are unavailable elsewhere in China. Thanks to these policies some of the world's best clinics are opening branches here.

In this area of Bo'ao, an area previously overgrown with thick jungle, the town of the future is springing up. Lecheng, covering an area of over twenty square kilometres of which nearly ten square kilometres are just the buildings, conforms to the highest ecological standards.

This project showcases the achievements of various branches of industry: medicine, construction, town-planning, green technology and, of course, healthcare.
Foreign clinics can benefit from a range of beneficial policies with regards to the import of medical equipment, technology, medication (including those that have been approved for use on the worldwide market but not as yet in China), streamlining the process of accreditation for foreign doctors, and approval to conduct trials of new medical technology.

Additionally, access has been improved for international investors.

International organisations are encouraged to play an active role here, primarily those engaged in medical tourism, as is the holding of medical conferences.

So far 35 landmark facilities have been approved to set up in the zone.

Future plans include a base for around 100 medical facilities, especially those engaged in healthcare, preventive medicine, convalescence, beauty therapy, anti-ageing treatments as well as medical and scientific research.

The following organisations are already accepting patients and conducting pilot projects:


the Bo'ao Yiling Life Care Centre


the Hainan Cancer Hospital affiliated Chengmei International Medical Centre.

By the end of 2017 another six clinics will open their doors to patients.

One of the main focuses of 'health tours' to Bo'ao are the thermal springs. Hot spring baths can be found at many of the leading hotels in Bo'ao. Of particular note are the hot springs in the little town of Guantang. For more information please refer to our "Excursions section."

In addition, located within just one hour's drive away from Bo'ao is the world-renowned laser vision correction centre Hi-Vision.


Hi-Vision's head surgeon Dr. Liang Chun has extraordinary experience of having conducted over 66,000 operations many of which were unique in nature.

Not an insignificant number of Hi-Vision's corrective operations are carried out on foreign patients whose conditions were regarded as inoperable in their home countries. Hi-Vision has been offering an English- and Russian-language service for years and it is fair to say that it is a pioneer in Hainan's medical tourism sector. The clinic is the first in China to be accepted into the internationally-recognised Medical Tourism Association.

For more information please visit the clinic's English-language website at:

Tips for our readers:
  • Please keep an eye on our website for updates. With each new facility that opens at Lecheng we shall add information about it to our site.
  • An English-language service will be available at all clinics at Lecheng. So you will be able to contact the clinics' specialists directly and plan your own relaxation and rejuvenation programme with the help of their recommendations and our information.
  • And even if you are not planning on coming to Bo'ao for healthcare or medical reasons, even a short time spent in the seas of Bo'ao will give you a much needed dose of beneficial minerals and your health a big boost!