in Bo’ao

In contrast to many tropical beach destinations, Bo’ao is renowned for its seclusion.

requently, you will not see anyone at all on Bo’ao’s beaches which makes it a perfect place to indulge in some meditation there on the white sand.

Crowds of tourists will not deflect you from your thoughts about loftier things. In fact, many of the sights around Bo’ao are as though designed to make you forget the hustle and bustle. Baishiling Ridge, Bo’ao’s Buddhist temple, Duohe Culture Park and many other hidden gems are waiting for you to discover them!

Tips for our readers:
  • No need to be apprehensive: the Hainan people respect nature and welcome all guests with an open mind.
  • Visitors are urged not to engage in any political or extreme acts. Should you be planning to hold any mass activities then we would kindly ask you to seek advance approval from the relevant authorities.
  • oga camps and seminars on healthy living are often held in Bo’ao. Please keep an eye on our Events’ Calendar for updates.