About Bo’ao

Bo’ao (Chinese: 博鳌, Вó’áo) is a resort town on the east coast of the Chinese tropical island province of Hainan.

Co-ordinates of Bo’ao: 19°09′38″ Northern latitude, 110°34′51″ Eastern longditude.

The story of the name Bo’ao is based on the legend of the son of a dragon called Ao. According to the legend, Ao was born with the head of a dragon, with armour on his back like a tortoise, paws of a lion and the tail of a mythical beast known as a kylin.

The dragon was not fond of this son and sent him away down to Earth below. The dragon’s son, spurned and confined to exile, led a debauched life for a long time until finally he managed to correct his behaviour and decided to return to his home in the southern seas. But the dragon did not know of this. In anger he grabbed his belt and threw it to Earth where it landed near Bo’ao and formed an insurmountable barrier for Ao. The dragon’s belt can still be seen there today – it has turned into a sand spit known as the Jaspidean Belt which forms a natural barrier between the flow of the Wanquan River and the sea waters. The Jaspidean Belt has been officially entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the narrowest sand spit between fresh and salt water in the world.

The fishermen of the eastern coast of Hainan hold Ao in high esteem and believe that he helps them to bring in large catches. The word ‘bo’ in Chinese means ‘generous’ or ‘abundant’. So the name of the town became ‘Generous Ao’.

Bo’ao has become world famous thanks to the Bo’ao Forum for Asia, whose conferences are attended by heads of state and government among others.


Another international project in Bo’ao is - the pilot Bo’ao Lecheng International Medical Travel Zone

This is a whole town built to the highest ecological standards using the most up-to-date technology. Thanks to unprecedentedly favourable government policy for medical facilities wishing to locate here, Lecheng is home to some of the finest medical clinics in both China and the world. For more information please click on Medical Tourism on the profile section of the website..

Bo’ao and its environs abound in tourism resources. For more please visit the ‘Nine Ms’ section of our website to learn more about tourist attractions in Bo’ao as well as ""Excursions"".